Avoid This For Successful Meditation

When I was eighteen, I began to meditate formally. However, I approached Meditation the wrong way. So, I really want to share with you my experience now of Meditation as being simple and joyful rather than frustrating, so that you can be saved much time and effort 🙂

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  1. Miyuki says

    Such a wonderful video message this is! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insight and wisdom as well as practical advice. By the way, I love the beautiful background with beautiful horses! How lovely!

  2. editor says

    Thank you Miyuki! My aim is to keep the message practical so that we can actually use it in everyday living. Yes, the horses like to come up to me to nose around and see what I’m doing when I’m making a video!

  3. says

    Great video with great insight of what meditation is and does. Loved it! And what to say about the surroundings. Makes your beauty and brilliance, shine as your passion shows up in your message.

  4. editor says

    You are so sweet Cynthia! I appreciate you so much! I actually thought I was unusually serious in this one – I really wanted to remember all of the juicy bits of information and was probably concentrating too hard 🙂
    Thank you my friend.

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