“Why Listen To Me?”

“I am in a unique position to guide you to Let Go of Struggle and Know Who You Really Are; I had a profound spiritual experience when I was six years old. I received a “knowing” about this reality and the truth of who we really are. Because I never forgot where I came from (the truth of where we come from) and because I have a gift of seeing you for who you really are, this remembrance puts me in a unique position to help you because I have a foundation that I didn’t receive from books or from studying; I experienced it first-hand. And, I also have experience of what it feels like to struggle, to feel as if you are perpetually pushing against the tide of life.

The essence of this spiritual experience; this pure “information” is facilitating my mission; to nudge you into remembrance of the magnificence of who you really are, so that you can live from freedom, ease, peace, and joy… be yourself and live the life you were born to live!

I was Divinely guided to develop a process that you can use to Let Go and Know®. I have taken my experience and the insights I received and reduced them to their essence to share with you so that you can experience this.

I am here to tell you how magnificent and beautiful you are! The time has come for you to change your life and move from struggle and stress to living from your truth; the light that you are, and receiving Divine guidance from there so that you can live the life you were born to live!”

Please watch the video to find out more about this and how it relates to you

During my childhood experience of awareness, one of the “truths” that was shown to me was that who we truly are is beyond magnificent. We are beyond the mind and beyond this realm. We are more powerful and beautiful that we could ever comprehend using the mind. Love is all there is; love is who we truly are. This insight is not just a belief that I have – I don’t say it because I happened to read it on a few occasions. I know this to be true. I knew it to be true before I had the ability to read. This is why I am called to share this message. When I look at you, I see you. I know how beautiful and capable you are.

This Let Go and Know® Process; The Three Stages of Awareness Program, changed my life completely and continues to change the lives of others who practice it. Ease is experienced out of struggle, confidence out of self-doubt, joy out of fear, knowing out of longing, oneness out of separation and expansion out of contraction. You get to be who you really are rather than live from conditioning; from the illusion. You shift out of the fog of the mind into the clarity of the heart. You step out of the box and into your true power. You can feel peace and excitement, be able to deal instantly with challenges; feeling what it is like to be free; free of the seeming cement-like reality of struggle.

The joy and relief is exquisite when you feel who you really are and live from this space; struggle falls away as if it had never existed because you are bigger than any problem that you have.

I am so excited to assist you, so that you too can Let Go of Your Struggle and Know Who YOU Really Are! If your heart is resonating with this message and you would like to work with me one-on-one, so that you can live the life you were born to live, then now is the time. You can contact me by sending an email to info@letgoandknow.com with any inquiry that you may have.

Much love,

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