Becoming Aware Listening Practice

This valuable Practice is about connecting with the part of you that needs your loving attention, this softens your energy and you can relax more because you’re not in avoidance of what’s coming up for you. It offers you the opportunity to transmute the dense energy that covers over your truth.

You can experience that heavy feelings are actually an invitation to meet yourself and integrate the energy so that you have more access to the fullness of who you are. It can help end procrastination and the resistance that causes “negative” feelings. Put simply, this Practice can result in your feeling happy, content, and fulfilled… at last.

This results in two main things happening in your life: one is that your intuition can become clearer and it will be easier for you to connect with intuitive guidance. The other is that because the resistance is reduced or eliminated, you can experience more easily a surrender of your false self – a Divine surrender into more of who you really are. This is the ultimate fulfillment and this Practice can begin to open the way to this. It can help you to live more from your spirit rather than from your conditioning or ego.

So, when you feel a heaviness in your body or are upset emotionally or have a thought pattern that keeps recurring, you can use it as a glorious opportunity to stop and actually listen to what’s happening inside rather than continuing your day, your life, with a constant sense of unease in the background, tension or heavy emotions, etc.

You can use it if you find yourself grazing at the fridge, feeling let down by a friend, a family member is really pushing your buttons, being mean to yourself about your body, feeling blocked in your work, feeling sad and lonely because you can’t seem to connect with people who’ll understand you, tired of routine, putting things off, wanting to do something but you are resisting it… you’ll know when to use it.

When you purchase this Program, you will receive:

The Program containing a full explanation of each of the 5 Steps in the Practice so that you have an understanding of how it works and what’s happening as you are releasing/integrating the stuck energy that’s holding you back/causing you to feel heavy emotions/blocking your intuitive guidance.

You receive information on exactly when to use the Practice.

An Audio to support and guide you as you become familiar with the Practice. Also included is a (bonus) Audio and transcript for the 5th Step should you wish to go deeper.

Option 2 includes forty-five minutes one-to-one personal time with Marianne where she will guide you through the Practice and you experience it for yourself with her support.

“I am so happy that I got this (Practice)! My life has changed since doing it. The first time I did it I felt different, as if a weight had been lifted off me. I feel a connection now with myself that I didn’t have before and I can see now that that was what I had been looking for all along. Thank you so much!!!”

You can purchase the Practice for €97 (Option 1) or you can purchase the Practice and have forty-five minutes of personal guidance with Marianne (Option 2). 

Please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

Option 1

Option 2

My wish for you is that you use this Practice to become lighter and lighter so that you can start to live your life from a new space of peace, creativity, love, and joy!