“Marianne has had more of an impact on my life than anyone else. This program is a miracle. I’m picky and I’ve done all of the big name programs but this one, it’s unique. She brings such lightness to it all and makes it fun! She is so loving and encouraging. I actually feel at peace now in my life whereas before, I felt anxious and I felt that something was missing from my life. There are no words to explain how I feel now, peace, joy, love, I feel free, I’m living it! I know who I am. I had read about it but now I feel it! Marianne, you have made my life. Thank you.”

Jennifer B, United States.

“While I was going through the Second Stage of the Program, I really felt like I was being set free! Marianne’s program brought me insight to my behaviors and actions. I was able to see the way I was thinking incorrectly or holding on to thoughts and feelings, instead, she allowed me to accept what I was feeling and let it go. I loved the way she presented the videos and material with such passion and strength. I felt her passion coming into my life and the way I saw the world.
I stopped questioning God and instead became accepting that Divine Love is in control and  I feel loved very much. I became more grateful that I can even go within to connect with this Love in time of need, or celebration, and just to chat where others do not have that peace. Thank you so much!”
Dr. Caroline Ware, United States.


I connected to Marianne when I heard about her passion for animals, for horses. That all of the money she makes is for horses that she offers shelter and love. I knew she must be someone special. We scheduled a call and I immediately loved her energy. It turned out she’s not only am animal lover but absolutely passionate about helping people finding their true self and happiness. She offers great wisdom and insights that not a lot of people on this planet have, wisdom directly from source. Her teachings are free from ego but pure , divine information and guidance. I could go on telling you about Marianne but better you take some time and find out yourself. If you really want to change your life to the better, take this chance and start working with her! I promise, you will love her.                                                        Martina Waidhas , alternative medical practitioner and medical intuitive , Croatia.

“I love love LOVE this series. Though I’ve been on a spiritual journey for decades, Marianne has a way of speaking to an issue that is completely new and fresh and brings me new understandings, for example how she explains your tension about a situation and its relationship to what is actually happening. Do give her your full attention, you’ll be glad you did!”                                                                                  Angela Todd, United States.

“This program gave me such value, it was so beneficial how Marianne connected with me in such a comfortable way and cut through the bull. She spoke and asked the questions so that I “got it” and I knew that I have the answers and I can leave the struggle behind. When I work with someone, I need to feel that feeling of “This is right” and I got that with Marianne. An unexpected bonus was that I learned the importance of balancing my masculine with feminine, my intellect with my body. I really resonated with it, I felt comfortable talking about what was foreign to me in a way that’s structured and conversational and easy.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Leanne Mulcahy, New Zealand.

“Marianne is filled with beautiful energy, which makes me feel energetic, uplifted, and even excited whenever I have a session with her! She is very intuitive and I don’t need to say everything. Marianne is full of love and light. I love her and her coaching sessions as well as her teachings.  She has amazing gifts to share with the world!
I am so grateful that she created this program. I love the audios from which I can feel her passion and love! Her teaching made me aware of what I never thought I “knew”…  who I really am…  I think her teaching is so powerful because she knows it first hand; and I could tell by listening to her, she didn’t “learn” it from someone else. She “knows” these things from her childhood-all of her life-this is the most precious thing for me.​ She puts the “truth” in such a beautiful way with beautiful words! This program is packed with her wisdom, deep knowledge, techniques/tools and Marianne’s love & light, her powerful and amazing spirit. I can really feel it!!! As a result, I know how much easier it is to live from who I really am instead of from the struggle. I feel more connected with myself. I feel so expansive and peaceful and free… I recommend her coaching to anybody who is ready to move to the next stage; from struggle to freedom and peace…at last!”
Miyuki Miura, UK.


“Watching Marianne’s video series quite literally awakened my inner knowing. Her message brought alive experiences in me both past and present that shook me awake and made me realize my calling and gifts. The message she shares lit me up, quieted my mind chatter, and lit the connection between me and my Divine guidance. It has been a soulfully magical experience that is hard for me to put into words… but this is a foundational piece that has brought my focus to the joy and the light. It has awakened my intuition on a whole new level, by bringing my attention to what was always operating inside of me. Embracing these parts of me is leading to an expansion and fulfillment in every area of myself and my life. Thank you Marianne for sharing this gift with the me and the world.”

A C, United States.

“I am in deep gratitude of Marianne’s Spirit, words, energy and wisdom. From across the miles, I can feel her strength and presence. Indeed, she is powerful! She describes knowing so eloquently and her recordings are very calming. I kept listening to them just because I was loving it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Kim Maglinti, United States.

“If only I had know this BEFORE the stress, chaos and upheaval of the last few months!   I can already feel the difference and KNOW the truth of it.   Thank you so much Marianne!”  (Re. The 7 Steps from Stress to Beingness)                                                                

Ros Vroom, Australia.

“I am so grateful for this program! I decided to use it and it has had such a positive impact on my life, personally, my business and my family. The 6th step was huge for me, I feel so connected now. It changes my day! Thank you so much for this powerful work!!!”  (Re. The 7 Steps from Stress to Beingness)                                                     Linda B, California

“Marianne has packed these videos full of inspiration and easy-to-use, life-changing tools. They are a must watch for any woman who wants to stop struggling, discover her life’s purpose and start living with ease.”
Leanne Mulcahy, New Zealand.


“Marianne’s work is very rich, it’s boiled down to the essence, simple and very high quality.”


“LOVE, kindness, strength, clarity, powerful, FUN are the qualities that come to me when I think of working with Marianne.“


“Marianne is mesmerizing, I get chills when she speaks, I have to stop because there is a shift happening while I’m doing the exercises.”


“Marianne McGuire has a true vibration. She is clear and true. Her voice carries truth and cuts through the veils of illusion.”


“I feel so seen by Marianne, she’s genuinely happy and enthusiastic about my breakthroughs. She is so herself, very intuitive and she oozes what she teaches, she deals with it in a light way. She’s so present, it’s hard to explain, it’s unique. It’s like she witnesses me in a way no one ever has before. It’s very liberating because I feel lighter afterwards.”

(Re. Financial Abundance Meditation) “I cried, I filled with energy, it was amazing:) thanks for helping me release to a higher energy frequency!”

“This meditation makes me feel amazing everytime!”

” I loved the soft energy. I connected with her voice instantly. Her message was very real to me. I am tingling!!”