Abundance Meditation

Let Go and Know Financial Abundance Meditation

I help (mainly) women to Let Go of Struggle and Know Who They Really Are so that they can live the life they were born to live! This involves the beautiful choice of living from Awareness, from Who We Really Are and being guided by Divine Love. The results are tangible in our everyday lives, better health, relationships and financial flow.

So, I created a Financial Abundance Meditation as a way of tapping into this energy so that you can experience more flow in your life. It is based on an insight that I received from Spirit about our Light-Life.

I loved practicing this myself because it feels so good. The first time I did it, I squealed with laughter when the universe responded. At the exact time I was meditating and raising my frequency around money, a €50 note blew to my husband’s feet. No one was around. It happened two more times that week… at the exact time that I was doing the Meditation.

I can’t say that this will happen for you of course, I don’t know how you will experience the results of doing this guided Meditation. Perhaps a new opportunity will open up for you, leading you to your life’s purpose or you might receive an awareness or answer about a specific way to make more money or set up your ideal business.

The first part of this Abundance Meditation is about being present with your old beliefs about money that no longer serve you. When you allow yourself to be present and invite these beliefs into your conscious mind, they can be released through this acknowledgment and through allowance. By the act of shining the light of your awareness on them, they can come up and out, leaving the cells of your body and leaving your energy field. Then you can fill the space with light; loving, living supportive light. This enables the change.

So, while practicing this guided Meditation, you are beginning to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing the flow of abundance so that you can create your life from a different space, a space of ease around money, rather than resistance. You can feel a higher vibration, it’s much less dense because it is literally a different frequency. When you live more and more from here, it results in your feeling more neutral around money, paying bills, spending and receiving money, charging appropriately for your services etc. It doesn’t feel as charged any longer because the energy around it changes. From this space you can align with your desires rather than continuing to live from a space of fear and anxiety around money.

Will you choose to no longer place your attention on lack and “what’s wrong” and instead shift your attention on who you really are? If so, then this Meditation can help you!

To your magnificence.

Much love,



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“I cried, I filled with energy, it was amazing:) thanks for helping me release to a higher energy frequency!”

“This meditation makes me feel amazing everytime!”

“I loved the soft energy. I connected with her voice instantly. Her message was very real to me. I am tingling!!”