The Three Stages of Awareness Video Series

Video 2 “Why Do We Struggle?”

I am delighted that you’re joining me for this special Free Video Series on The Three Stages of Awareness.

​In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • This video is about Why we Struggle in the first place. It is so important to shine the light of your awareness on this so that you can become free, otherwise, you can continue in a loop of pushing through life and not feeling the peace, joy and juice that you know is available for you.
  • The solution to letting go of a life filled with anxiety, fear and struggle.
  • The fundamental reason why you are struggling and what you can do about it (how you can use it to serve you).
  • How to feel more of who you really are.​
When you become aware about this, you can begin to let go of struggle…which is what tomorrows video is about!
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