The Three Stages of Awareness Video Series

This Video Series can help you finally to live from peace, joy and ACTUALLY be yourself… to live the fulfilled life you were born to live!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

In this special Video Series, I reveal what the Three Stages of Awareness are and the impact they can have in your life; to help you to Let Go of Struggle and Know Who You Really Are, and live the creative, juicy, fulfilled life you long for.

Included are practical tools to help you to communicate with your higher self/Divine intelligence, so that you can receive guidance about your everyday life and your life’s purpose; enjoy fulfilling work, wonderful relationships, vibrant health, wealth, peace and joy!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Video Series:

Video 1 “Why Listen to Me?”

​In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • This First Video is an introductory one. I share with you about the experience of Awareness that I had when I was six years of age; this is the foundation for the information that is in my Program and all of my work, helping you to live the life you were born to live.

Video 2 “Why Do We Struggle?”

​In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • Why you’re struggling in the first place and what you can do about it (how you can use it to serve you). It is so important to shine the light of your awareness on this so that you can become free, otherwise, you can continue in a loop of pushing through life and not feeling the peace, joy and juice that you know is available for you.
  • The solution to letting go of a life filled with anxiety, fear and struggle.
  • The fundamental reason why you are struggling and what you can do about it (how you can use it to serve you).
  • How to feel more of who you really are.​

Video 3 “Name What You’re Feeling”

In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • A practical, effective tool with you to use any time you feel overwhelmed, stressed, fearful or upset. By using this tool, you are sticking your head up through the cloud cover of your old conditioning so that you can feel more of your truth and be guided by that. You shift your power and attention away from your ego and onto your Spirit, so that you can live from there instead… yum!

Video 4 “Awakening to Who You Really Are”

In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • How your false self blocks you from awareness and that this is the key to knowing your truth. When you come awake to the truth of who you really are, you can live your everyday life from this magical space.
  • What you can do to experience who you really are (the key to happiness) and the pattern of your ego that you need to be aware of because it’s blocking you from what you want.
  • How to connect with the truth that exists under the noise of your life.

Video 5 “Connecting to Awareness”

In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • How to Connect to Awareness, so that you can communicate with your Creator, with your higher self and receive guidance about everyday matters and discover your Life’s Purpose.
  • ​​How to know when you are receiving messages from your powerful intuition so that you can use it to have your relationships, health and finances really blossom
  • What to avoid if you want to experience simple, effective connection with Divine guidance.
  • 3 Powerful, life changing Tools that were given to me by Spirit for you to connect with and receive from Awareness/Divine Love.

Video 6 “Your Deeper Destiny”

In This Video You’ll Discover:

  • What you have been looking for; what I call Your Deeper DestinyTM. You can create so much more effectively from a space of Oneness  –  from Being  – creating your life from love, from who you really are, rather than from ego, which results in struggle. This is the ultimate fulfillment… being who you really are; Living From Awareness; your Spirit, mind and body aligned and it feels amazing! This is the way to end the constant “figuring it all out” so that you can melt into your being. This is from my Program; The Three Stages of Awareness, it is called Fall Back. 
  • ​How to make a “Pure Choice” so that struggle can cease and you can live from Awareness/Oneness.

Investment is €97 (reduced from €197 during Spring of 2020)

“Watching Marianne’s video series quite literally awakened my inner knowing. Her message brought alive experiences in me both past and present that shook me awake and made me realize my calling and gifts. The message she shares lit me up, quieted my mind chatter, and lit the connection between me and my Divine guidance. It has been a soulfully magical experience that is hard for me to put into words… but this is a foundational piece that has brought my focus to the joy and the light. It has awakened my intuition on a whole new level, by bringing my attention to what was always operating inside of me. Embracing these parts of me is leading to an expansion and fulfillment in every area of myself and my life. Thank you Marianne for sharing this gift with the me and the world.” A C, USA